Other Pit Bull Stars

Oliver- was adopted after talking to a volunteer at the Escondido Humane Society. He had scars all over him and was terrified. I met him and knew instantly he was the next healer. He is finishing his secondary training now as a service dog. Oliver is friendly to children of all ages, adults, elders, dogs of all sizes, and cats. He is a true miracle dog and we are very proud of him.  Oliver flew with another dog, Maya, and other service dogs to work in schools in Chicago, NYC and Washington DC! Below he is with various children, waiting at desks as kids enter class, at one-on-one skills building with children, meeting a new rescue (ten year old) Manchester Terrier (Winston), unpacking for hotel and meeting resident cat at door (note both service dogs alert, but compliant with no handler).

then after work,  bodysurfing in New Jersey and then home for supper with two new feline rescue kittens (Trixie and Bella).

Bruno- born into a fighting family. He was the runt and was used as  a bait dog. He was rescued by an organization in NYC and brought to me to work with. He was food, dog and people aggressive. After 2 years of training, he is now a service dog and matched up with an owner with disabilities in NY


Rosie– a white red nose pit bull referred to me by the owner of a pet store in Carmel Valley. She knew of a family with a pit bull who was constantly getting into fights trying to escape to attack other dogs in the neighborhood. They had gone through three dog trainers and were at their wits end. They wanted to give up the dog but were told that she would be euthanized due to her history and breed. They loved her. I was contacted, met and evaluated the dog, rehabilitated her with our pack and placed her. She has had a full life with a loving family in San Diego and even with a new pit bull puppy rescue in their household, Zoe.

Carmen-a beautiful dog that came from a 14 puppie litter. Her father’s lineage was traced to the Colby line and her mother had been used in a fighting ring. The parents were confiscated and the babies were confiscated. We chose to foster one of the pups and ended up keeping her. Carmen became a productive member of society and became part of a 4 pack family. Although she did manifest a tendency to back up the pack, and to “check” anyone who she percieved as threatening the pack, we were able to reward her for sumissive behavior and she lived a long life never activating her red zone tendencies. She became an agility dog and won competitions to raise money for various causes. Carmen was  a little afraid of children and had to be socialized around “the little people”. She ended up visitingh hundreds of children who come here for dog bite prevention classes, snake handling, and family. RIP

Passion-she was my first ambassador and introduction to the breed.  While I was making a home visit to asses a psychotic man drug addicted and sleep deprived. He who began repeatedly assaulting me and  I began to plead for mercy. Passion assessed the situation and got in front of me and showed her teeth to her owner and began growling at him. He had steel toe boots on and attempted to kick her and she let him know if he followed through with anymore violence to me or her, she would administer lethal blows. Although psychotic, he was a very savy pitbull owner. He knew she was serious. So he backed down. He was forced to walk away. Passion stayed in front of me the whole time, showing him her teeth, tail upright, staring at him hard …she shadowed me as I grabbed my belongings and purse and backed out of his house and got into my car. I have never seen anything like it. He said, “take her” and I did. Later, she was adopted out. Passion was adopted by  a wonderful mom where she lived out the rest of her life with love. RIP

Petey-was a beautiful brindle pit that jumped or fell out of the car during a hi speed car chase in a gang related incident. Witnesses picked him up and brought him to the pet store fearing if they brought him anywhere else, he would be euthanized. The store owner knew the owner of the pet store in Carmel Valley, who called me. I agreed to foster the dog. Petey was wonderful with people but clearly had never been socialized around dogs and was threatened and percieved other dogs as a threat.  Petey needed to be muzzled and slowly socialized and rewarded for calmness and submissive assertive behavior. We brought him to dog beach on his first week. Through time, and with my pack, Petey was rehabilitated enough to go up for adoption. Petey was adopted by a wonderful home in Bonita where he lived out the rest of his days.

Kelsie-was reffered to me by someone in LA who had heard about me. Her mother lived in San Diego and had seen Odabear and me on the channel 6 news. Kelsie was a red zone dog. We muzzled Kelsie and began to socialize her with our pack consisting of 4 dogs 2 pitbulls, a rhodesian/lab, and a Manchester Terrier (Milo). Kelsie’s owner was being sued for her dog’s attack. He has never trained her nor socialized her. She was two years old . We had her spayed/neutere, socialized and eventually she was adopted to a home where she lived out the rest of her life happy and loved.

Otis was owned by a gang member who had stolen him from a fighting breeder. This gang member was in and out of prison and addicted to drugs. He was convinced to turn over the dog which he did. The dog was then placed with me. Otis was born to be and raised to be an ambassador of the breed. He was a natural empath. He lived a long and full life doing service for the community and was the inspiration for this website. He just died in 2011. RIP Odabear. You are a tough act to follow!

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