Odabear & Dr Lisa’s Canine Resume

Dr Lisa Apramian, Ph.D.
San Diego, CA
Psychology, Coaching and Pet Therapy

Otis (Odabear) American Pit Bull Terrior
Color: Red Nose, Cinnamon Brindle
along with “Jenny” Rhodesian/Lab

University of Southern California:
Ph.D., Counseling Psychology and Qualitative Research, 1991
M.S., Counseling Psychology, 1986
B.A., Psychology, 1983
B.S., Study of Women and Men in Society (SWMS/Critical Gender Studies) 1983:

Dr Lisa is Trained in:
animal behaviorism
clicker training
operant and classical conditioning
rehabilitative retraining for:
fear and dominance aggression
walking with and without a leash
separation anxiety
pet therapy
service dogs and canine companions
agility training
overcoming fear of water


ANIMAL RESCUE-Lifelong animal care housing and rescue-rabbits, hawks, seagulls, swans, ducklings, cats, dogs, rats, horses, snakes

PIT RESCUE WORK (1998-current) rescued, adopted, trained, and placed over 25 American Pit bull Terriers back into the community as pets or companions. Also adopted 28 unwanted snakes, fostered ducklings and placed dozens of rescue cats and other dog breeds and mixes all over the country.

ODABEAR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS to children from 3 yrs to 8 yrs
Volunteered for Dog Bite Prevention Class for National Dog Bite Prevention Week: from 1999-2002
Carmel Creek Elementary School (k-3rd grade)
Ashley Falls Elementary School (k-3 grade)
Solana Highlands Child Development Center (1-4 grade)
Carmel Creek Child Development Center UCSD ICNS School (preschool)

Volunteer Teacher “Responsible Dog Ownership Classes” for adults/parents
Carmel Creek PTA-1999-2001
Carmel Valley Library-2000-2003
Miramesa Street Fair-2001

ODABEAR PET (Pit) THERAPY-1996 – 2002. Odabear assisted me in my private practice. He provided supportive therapy to young children with behavioral challenges, learning disorders, developmental disorders, and trauma. He assisted adult patients with agoraphobia, post traumatic stress syndrome, rape/assault, depression, and multiple personality disorder. Held and contained intense emotions, touch therapy, rewarding eye contact, encouragement, soothing anxiety and trauma, and inspiring fearful and depressed patents. Volunteered for many organizations such as the Oceanside Day Center for the elderly and H.E.L.P. (Home assisted living program for the elderly) and giving new hope to isolated patients who were terminally ill and experiencing loss of vision or mobility.

ODABEAR ACTIVIST Public speaker and advocate for responsible run dog parks. Dr. Lisa, Odabear, and Jennygirl were instrumental in getting the Carmel Valley dog park approved over a period of years. We appeared and worked with the city planning committee, parks and recreation committee, and the local residents of Carmel Valley, including some very hostile, resistant, and fearful resident, supportive vets, animal behaviorists and trainers, dog park experts, the media, and the United States Humane Society. Dr. Lisa has also been a member of various animal organizations such as Sierra Club, Greenpeace, PETA, Wildlife Fund, and an active donor to animal shelters.

Coverage in the Union Tribune
Carmel Valley News
featured Channel 9 FOX news: Dog Bite Prevention Week and a Very Friendly Pit bull
Channel 7 news

United States Humane Society
Carmel Valley Parks and Recreation Department
Friends of Carmel Valley Dogs
Canine Good Citizenship
Pet Therapy Certificates
Love on a Leash

Patrick Melese, MA, D.V.M. certified animal behaviorist
Rick Johnson, Marin County Humane Society and United States Humane Society
Dr. Don Fetco, Ph.D. (Dr. Dog) and nationally syndicated radio host
Dallas Animal Care Center
Helen Woodward Animal Center,
Education and Dog Bite Prevention Program
Keith Richter, Veterinary Animal Hospital

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