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Lisa Seller, Bev Ross, Jan Fuchs, Odabear, and Dr. Lisa

Odabear and Dr Lisa are awarded for their volunteer work in the Carmel Valley School District for Dr. Lisa’s “Be Bite Free” Dog Bite Prevention education for kindegarten -third graders and “Responsible Dog Ownership” for adults. Dr Lisa, Odabear and Jennygirl’s work was part of her effort, along with forming “Friends of Carmel Valley Dogs”, to get a dog park approved in Carmel Valley. After years of effort, putting together a dog park manual, getting expert testimony, campaigning, working with the Carmel Valley Planning Board and dispelling fears and ignorance with education, the Torrey Highlands Dog Park was opened in 01 and 02…. for more info on the park, go to…

To watch Otis (Odabear) and Dr Lisa on the news, watch the newsclip below:


Classes, Certificates, and Testimonials

25,000 dog bites per year occur and usually by dogs we know in our own homes. Watch this short video below (Bring on the Dogs) and observe closely the two nips and tell us:

how you could have predicted and prevented them!!! Name the no no behaviors the humans did and the dog language they missed…!!!

bring on the dogs5

emails us for feedback and be bite free

Blessings as we all grace the paths, Dr Lisa and her pack

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