Greetings! I would like to share with you a hero who deserves to have his story shared and who inspired this website. Otis, and his owner Dr Lisa were out there before the current pit bull “wave” now channeling through internet meet ups, facebook and Animal Planet and before TV viewers had heard of National Geographic’s Cesar Milan and the show “Dog Whisperer” with his pit “Daddy”, before the Michael Vick BAD RAP/ASPCA evaluations and rehabilitation, Animal Cops, “Parolees and Pitbulls” and “Pit Boss”. We are ecstatic that pit bulls are finally getting more positive attention and education. Now, we would like to contribute to this current wave and share with you Odabear, our pitbull ambassador and his adventures with you. Read on and then go to the gallery on our dog bite prevention next page to get a taste of what is to come when we put up video of Odabear’s odyssey!!!

Dr Lisa was introduced to pitbulls in 1995. She struck up an in-depth emotional bond and a rugged outdoor routine with a pit named Passion. The academic she was, she wanted to read the history of this breed and found all of Richard Stratton’s books including the Truth About the America Pit Bull Terrior. Wow. She knew a redirection was in tall order! She made the decision to give back to pit bulls after Passion saved Dr. Lisa’s life, literally from a psychotic assailant. And so Dr. Lisa began adopting and rehabilitating pit bulls. In the late 90’s, word got out and neighbors were angered and terrified that she was bringing “child killers” into their neighborhood. It took years to change, but people in San Diego and Los Angeles started bringing pits to her because they knew she would not put them to sleep. In 1998, Dr. Lisa received a pit bull puppy named Buddy. She renamed him Otis, after Otis Redding, because he loved to be sung to. Otis, had the same big heart, willingness to please, and high threshold for tolerance as Passion and had an amazing ability to connect with all humans, very young children, cats and dogs.

We invite you to read more about Otis (Odabear). Read about his adventures and send us your comments. See his gallery and all his work with kids and the community. Read his resume. Check back to see him in videos and on TV and in the news. Check back to purchase his 2 books and movie with proceeds going to the Humane Society, ASPCA, and pit bull rescues. And please submit an application and picture of your pit bull ambassdor.

Thank you!
Blessings as we all grace the path~~Dr Lisa

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